Well Friends, we’ve done it.  We’ve sent another crew of students who we’ve loved, nurtured, taught, and who sometimes sent us home with a headache, through our doors for the last time.  Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re packing up and walking around in circles, getting one bit of a task done until something catches your eye and reminds you of yet another thing on your to-do list.  Of course instead of finishing what you’ve started, you wander over to begin, but not finish, the next thing.  During these crazy, messy, quiet moments, we pack our things away and reflect on the year.  Holding a favorite read aloud brings back special moments with our kiddos… the laughter, the tears and the wishes.  A funny sticky note stuck to the back of a misplaced book brings a chuckle and a lingering wistful smile.  These moments are bittersweet and have us thinking.


So how can we use these moments of thought and reflection to help us as we prepare to begin again.   A recent conversation with some amazing colleagues (and favorite people) had me thinking about some questions that can guide our reflection into positive actions.  Let’s try a next steps approach, thinking through a positive lens.

  1. What started out really strong but may have gotten lost along the way?  How did it lose steam?  What can I do to make sure it lives on throughout the year next time?

2.  What went really well this year?  What did I do to support it?  How can I lift it even            higher next year?

3.  What do I wish I could have tried this year?  Where can it fit into my teaching?

4.   What is something I truly believe in as an educator?  Do I see that belief align with            my practice?  Can I do more to bring my beliefs and practice together?

5.   Who can I share this journey with?

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer full of fun, sunshine, and lots of reflection!


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